Autumn (NL)

Autumn (NL)
Marjan Welman (Vocals Vetrar Draugurinn), Jens Van der Valk (Guitar, Back Vocals Cantara, ex-God Dethroned), Kevin Storm (Bass), Jan Grijpstra (Drums), Mats Van der Valk (Guitar, Back Vocals Cantara, Seizure, Salacious Gods), Jan Munnik (Keyboard, Programming, Piano), Nienke de Jong (Vocals Dejafuse, ex-Her Enchantmen), Jerome Vrielink (Bass Massive Assault , Absorbed (NL)), Bert Ferweda (Guitar), Meindert Sterk (Bass), Welmoed Veersma (Vocals), Jeroen Bakker (Guitar Sephyros), Hildebrand Van de Woude (Drums), Jasper Koenders (Guitar ex-Her Enchantmen), Menno Terpstra (Keyboard Sephyros)

Dutch heavy headstrong rock collective Autumn is making its way back into the musical mix of things.

The band has been working patiently and meticulously on material for the successor to critically acclaimed fifth album Cold Comfort. The as yet untitled album is due for release in the Fall of this year and a new live campaign is set to hit Europe from October onwards. With a colourful history dating back to taking root in the late 90's, Autumn needs no formal introduction.

Yet every joint musical effort sees the five-piece reinvent itself and further push its boundaries, offering not just the listener, but also the members themselves, a glance at new facets of the band’s identity. Guitarist Jens: “We keep learning from and feeding off each other’s musicality.

The way each of us adds individual layers to song structures often makes a song take on a completely different identity in the process.” Each song was crafted with the band’s typical eye for detail but left to age for a considerably longer period of time, adding to the richness of the sound palette. With a wealth of new material on the shelf, Autumn began welding together an album very close to the heart, both powerful and intimate, compact yet diverse in nature.

With the finishing touches now being applied and production solely in the hands of the band, it promises to be Autumn’s most deliberate and personal album to date. And one that will translate to a live environment like never before. Having played countless club shows and festivals over the span of five albums, Autumn is eager to hit the stage running, with a set list containing highlights from different eras blending in with the new material.

Jens: “So many songs to choose from. We’ve had to kill our darlings for this set list.” Those that made the cut will merge to form a wall of sound brought to life live this Fall by a band rejuvenated, enhanced (more on that shortly!) and rearing to go..