Avathar (FIN)

Avathar (FIN)
Harri Hyytiäinen (aka Witch King) (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [since 2003], Baranduin, Cataleptic, Sear, ex-Nuclear Hammer), Dragon Hunter (Guitar [since 2007], Sear), Scatha (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2003]), Dain (Guitar [since 2005]), Anfauglir (Bass [since 2010]), Daeron (Guitar, Drums [since 2005]), Miriel (Vocals [since 2009]), Nea "Emerwen" Heino (Keyboard [2005-2009]), Bolg (Bass [2007-2010]), Finduilas (Vocals [2007-2009]), Thalion (Drums [2005-2007]), Iina (Vocals [2006]), Von Blofield (Vocals [2007]), Jonna Piittala (Vocals [2003])



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