Black Messiah

Black Messiah
Garm (Bass [since 2006]), Agnar (Keyboard [since 2006]), Ymir (Guitar [since 2012]), Mike "Brööh" Bröker (Drums [since 2006], ex-Neon Sunrise), Frangus (Guitar [since 2010]), Zagan (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin [since 1994], ex-Ninnghizhidda), Reverend Heidenbluth (Drums [1994-1996]), Drahco (Bass [2004-2005]), Hrym (Keyboard [2004-2006]), Meldric (Guitar [2004-2012]), Surthur (Drums [2004-2006]), Zoran Novak (Guitar [2004-2010], ex-Stormgarde), Frohnleichnahm (Guitar [1994-1996]), Evgeniy Shestopalov (aka Nabahm) (Drums [1997-2001], ex-Goat Of Mendes, ex-Inanna Unveiled, ex-Shining Of Kliffoth), Niörd (Bass [2005-2006])

Founded in 1992 as a pure black metal band Black Messiah´s sound changed more and more into Pagan/Viking metal.

Black Messiah convinced also with their live performances in and out of Germany. They played for example: Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, Rock Harz, Fiesta Pagana (CH), Summer Nights Festival (AT), Cernunnos Pagan Fest (F)....and many more !!! Discography: 1998 Sceptre of black knowledge (Last Episode) 2005 Oath of a warrior (Einheit Produktionen) 2006 Of myths and legends (AFM Records) 2009 First war of the world (AFM Records) 2012 The final journey (AFM Records) 2013 Heimweh (AFM Records).