Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost
Thomas Gabriel Fischer (aka Tom G. Warrior) (Vocals, Guitar [1984-1993] [2001-2008], Triptykon, ex-Apollyon Sun, ex-Hellhammer, ex-Grave Hill), Franco Sesa (Drums [2002-2008]), Martin Eric Ain (Vocals, Bass [1984-1985] [1986-1987] [1990-1993] [2003-2008], ex-Hellhammer), Oliver Amberg (Guitar [1988-1989], ex-Coroner, ex-Hellhammer), Reed St Mark (Drums [1985-1988] [1992-1993], ex-Triptykon, ex-MindFunk), Dominic Steiner (Bass [1985]), V. Santura (Guitar [2007-2008], live member, Dark Fortress, Noneuclid, Triptykon, ex-Crom), Stephen "Evoked Damnator" Priestly (Drums [1988-1992], Kharma, ex-Apollyon Sun, ex-Hellhammer, ex-Shizo), Anders Odden (Guitar [2006-2007], live member, Cadaver, ex-Hydr Hydr, ex-Cadaver Inc), Ron Marks (Guitar live member), Curt Victor Bryant (Guitar, Bass [1988-1993], ex-Doomsday), Isaac Drasco (Drums [1984]), Erol Unala (Guitar [2001-2005], ex-Apollyon Sun)



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