Austin D'amond (Drums), Mark Hunter (Vocals ex-Skipline), Emil Werstler (Guitar), Sean Z (Vocals, Programming), Matt Szlachta (Guitar), Jeremy Creamer (Bass), Rob Lesniak (Bass Dislimb, Nunslaughter, Necrotic, Disgorgement, Embalmer, Gutrot), Ricky Evensand (Drums Lion's Share, Demonoid, Dog Faced Gods, ex-Ebony Tears, ex-Sorcecer, ex-Therion), Jason Genaro (Drums), Andrew Ermlick (Bass), Andols Herrick (Drums), Jason Hager (Guitar Years Of Fire, ex-Ascension), Matt DeVries (Guitar Ascension), Rob Arnold (Guitar), Kevin Talley (Drums Daath, Soils Of Fate, ex-Mistery Index, ex-Decript Birth, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-MOD), Chris Spicuzza (Keyboard), Jim LaMarca (Bass)

Cleveland Heavy Metal .

Mark Hunter - Vocals Rob Arnold - Lead Guitar Matt DeVries - Rhythm Guitar Andols Herrick - Drums Jim LaMarca - Bass Chris Spicuzza - Electronics/Vocals ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++



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