Mats Kurth (Drums Lyfthrasyr, Battlefield, Might Of Lilith), Carmen R. Lorch (Vocals ex-Ferro Ignique, ex-Mighty D., ex-Wolfswinter), Olli (Guitar), Anny Maleyes (Vocals), Pinuu Remus (Keyboard), Lisa Lasch (Vocals), Aria Keramati Noori (Guitar Tervingi), Viola Schuch (Vocals), Dirk Baur (Bass We Are Legend), Martin Goes (Bass), Ada Flechtner (Vocals Voices Of Destiny), Michael Teutsch (Bass), Todd Goldfinger (Bass Tervingi), Fabian Merkt (Keyboard), Tanja Ivenz (Vocals Battlefield, ex-Now It's Dark), Jo Lang (Guitar), Chriz Dianno (Bass), Georgios Grigoriadis (Vocals), Mareike Makosch (Vocals Illuminate), Simon Hassemer (Keyboard ex-Crystal Crow), Psalm (Keyboard), Natalia Kempin (Vocals ex-Arcane Grail, ex-Ambehr), Verena Schock (Vocals), Oliver Szczypula (Guitar), Jakob Thiersch (Guitar), Ally Storch-Hukriede (Vocals Haggard, Ally The Fiddle, ex-Folkearth), Wolle Nillies (Guitar), Stefan Häfele (Guitar ex-Tales Of Twilight), Clarissa Darling (Guitar)

coming soon.

"Raben im Herz" will be out on 4th of december! Bonus CD contains 5 additional tracks featuring an orchestral version! ____________________________________________ CORONATUS is the most unusual Female Fronted Gothic and Symphonic Metal band from Germany! A UNIQUE line up, a UNIQUE sound and UNIQUE songs! You can never mix it up with any other band of this genre!

Enjoying the new album!