R.C. (Guitar Deströyer 666, Grave Miasma, ex-Goat Molestör, ex-Crom Dubh), R.B. (Bass Atavist, Wodensthrone, ex-Winterfylleth), D.L. (Vocals, Guitar ex-Disembowelled, ex-Invocate, ex-Maniakal Torment, ex-Imindain, ex-Crepitation, ex-Profetus, ex-Sarpanitum, ex-Infant Bile), D.B-H. (Drums Adorior, Grave Miasma, ex-Frustrum, ex-Goat Molestör, ex-The One, ex-Corpus Christii, ex-Indesinence), D.T (Drums ex-Maniakal Torment, ex-Scapegoat, ex-Imindain), B.C. (Bass ex-Dark Forest, ex-Deceptor)

Cruciamentum formed in 2005, finally solidifying the line-up in 2009 and releasing the “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” demo.

Cruciamentum was soon after signed to Greece’s Nuclear Winter Records through which they released the 'Engulfed in Desolation' MCD/MLP. Work is now underway for the band's first full-length LP. Contact: cruciamentum [DOT] uk [AT] googlemail [DOT] com.

Abyssal Death Metal