Daniel Mardhani (Vocals Abolish Conception), Stevie Morley Item (Guitar Dewa 19, Andra and The BackBone), Bonny Sidharta (Bass ex-Tengkorak, Raksaksa), Coki Bollemeyer (Guitar Netral), Andyan Gorust (Drums ex-Siksakubur, Morta Sacra), Prisa Rianzi (Guitar ex-Zala, Vandetta, Prisa), Babal (Vocals Alexender), Ricky Siahaan (Guitar Seringai)

DeadSquad is an Indonesian death metal supergroup formed in 2006.

They has been regarded as one of the “Big Four” of Indonesian metal band. ​ DeadSquad are known from their distinguished musical style that differs from other bands in the death metal genre because of their style in combining complex technical song structures featuring fast tempo rhythm sections and progressive polyrhythmic time signatures, incorporating elements from death metal, trash metal, progressive metal, hardcore punk and jazz. These rich elements of their extreme metal style put them in the category of technical death metal and also progressive metal genre. DeadSquad is often mentioned as the local ‘metal supergroup’ because most of the members are already successful and has established their popularity in the local music scene achieving notable success in their each own respective style/genre. The diversity of the fans from each band member that came from different music genres also contributes to the rapid growth of their fanbase, PasukanMati, mostly due to the excitement and curiosity of each of the band member’s fans to experience their favorite musicians playing a different kind of music in DeadSquad. Expect a fusion of aggressive hyperblasting and complex technical intensity in brutal harmony, DeadSquad will change the way you think about death metal..

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