Decaying Purity

Decaying Purity
Mustafa Gürcalioglu (Vocals, Guitar), Serkan Niron (Vocals), Onur Gazioðlu (Drums), Malik Çamlica (Vocals, Bass)

Brutal Death Metal band Decaying Purity was established in 2005 in Istanbul.Mustafa Gürcalioglu(guitars) and Onur Gazioglu (drums) who played together before in another band founded the bases of this new group and started immediatly to write songs and orderly studio works.After previous changes of members,Malik Camlica (bass) was included in to the band.The band who passed the summer of 2006 in writing songs kept searching for a vocal.After different searches Serkan Niron was included in to the band and the ideal staff was formed.After solving the staff problem,in their stduio work the band recorded 3 songs and published a limited amount of "Rehearsal Promo 2006".The band received very good reaction from in and out of the country.Many underground distro and labels were interested in the recordings. The band after the demo without stopping continued to work on the debut album and to write new songs.The band which took part in many ogranisations received excellent critics.

In 2007 September the band started recording at the Istanbul/Kadiköy Turquosie Studios the full lenght album of "Phases Of Dimensional Torture ". The mix and mastering of the recording was made by Serhat Deniz , Emre Sen and it took about 2 months.For the artwork design the band worked with Jon Zig.Decaying Purity decided to sign with Grotesque Productions from Spain.The debut album "Phases Of Dimensional Torture" has been released by Grotesque Productions in April 2008. Receiving very good reactions from the metal scene in and outside of the country, band kept on working for the second album.The band firstly performed abroad on October 2008 in Greece , Thesseloniki on Carnal Decapitation Death Fest. After breaking with the Grotesque Productions,the band keeps on working on the second album.In March 2010, the band has signed with Sevared Records (USA) for re-release the first album "Phases of Dimensional Torture" and the upcoming second album.

In August 2010, the first album "Phases of Dimensional Torture"has released with new artwork design by Jon Zig and 3 bonus songs. The band has started to record their second album "The Existence Of Infinite Agony" on January 2011. Mix/Mastering has made by Ünsal Özata from Sound Damage Productions and the artwork has made by Toshihiro Egawa.

The band performed at the 5th Death Feast Open Air in Germany Hunxe at this time.The second album "The Existence Of Infinite Agony" is has been released by Sevared Records in July 2011.In October 2011,the band played in the Lowlands Death Fest III organized in Bologna,ITALY. The band played some local gigs in the first half of the 2012 and then started to write songs for their 3rd album. In 2013 the band stepped up the pace and by the end of the year the 3rd album was fully written.At this time, Malik left the band and the remaining members started recording the album at Sound Damage Productions with producer Ünsal Özata. In January 2014 , the recording of “Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls” was completed, and the album was released by Sevared Records again in April 2014. In March 2015, Serkan had to part ways with the band because of his intensive work life.

Then, Yunus Efe joined the band as vocal and Malik joined the band again. They played at some festivals and shows in Europe in 2015-2016 and they started to work on the 4th album in the begining 2017..