Mike Ferguson (aka Dr. Zmegma) (Guitar M 90's, Kutschurft), Koen Romeijn (Vocals M 90's, Engorge (NL), Cardamon), Otto Schimmelpenninck (Bass Delain), Danny Tunker (Guitar Fuelblooded, The Saturnine), Michiel van der Plicht (Drums God Dethroned, ex-Toxocara), Thomas Kalksma (Drums Cardamon)

Detonation is a melodic Death metal band officially hailing from Zeist, the Netherlands.

Active since 1997, Detonation have released 4 full-length albums worldwide, and played more than 250 gigs all over Europe, and also toured India in 2008. What stands out when you listen to a Detonation song, is the sheer brutality and aggression in the music, combined with loads of melody and atmosphere. This is what the band stands for.

Bringing you -Extreme Melodic Death Metal- In April 2011 Detonation have released their brand new album REPRISAL. On the new album the band has combined the typical Detonation sound with more Death metal influences, to come up with a more -in your face- approach..

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