Diablerie (FIN)

Diablerie (FIN)
Petri Mäkipää (Drums [since 2010]), Kimmo Tukiainen (Guitar), Henri Villberg (Vocals, Keyboard), Tomi Ullgrén (Guitar), Iain Huntley (Bass [since 2010]), Aryokal (Drums), J. Hämäläinen (Bass), Hirvonen (Bass), Eric Lunden (Guitar, Bass), Antti Ruokola (Drums), Aleksi Ahokas (Bass), Jukka Grasten (Guitar), Juha Suorsa (Keyboard)

Diablerie first came online in the year 1998.

The originators of the project were Henri Villberg, Kimmo Tukiainen (Rapture, The Chant), Juha Suorsa, Jukka Gråsten, and Antti Ruokola. In addition, Eric Lundén was brought in as a consultant on the project.

The result of this collaboration was considered to be, in layman’s terms, symphonic black metal. The findings of the project were published under the name `Astro’ and were sent to various investors around the globe.

This end result was a partnership formed with Avantgarde Music in 1999. At this time Jukka Gråsten was removed from the project due to compatibility issues and was replaced by Aleksi Ahokas. A review of the project was made in late 1999 and it was decided that further research needed to be carried out into the foundation platform of Diablerie.

By this time Diablerie was to be committed to the digital format known as compact disc in the spring and summer of 2000 at Sundi Coop Studios in Savonlinna. Much fine tuning had taken place since the review was conducted and when the digital format was released for general consumption in 2001, there was great surprise yet satisfaction regarding the re-interpretation of Diablerie.

However, success was bittersweet as the project was deemed to be too unstable and was shut down indefinitely at this time. Reactivation In 2006, Chief Engineer Henri Villberg felt that the time was right for Diablerie to be rebooted and brought back online. In order to undertake this mammoth task, Villberg sought to find new collaborators and a decision was made to continue the project with Tomi Ullgrén (Impaled Nazarene, Rapture, Shape of Despair).

Work progressed quickly and a new output was released into the public realm in the form of the `Reactivation EP´. In order to further legitimise the project, Kimmo Tukiainen was brought back into the fold, with Samppa Hirvonen (Division XIX) also hired to take care of the stability of the project.

In 2008, further research material was published in the form of a myspace only release under the heading of `Demo I / MMVIII´. The project found a new location centring around Finland’s capital, Helsinki, and its surrounding areas due to ease of access to a richer resource base. And so the Research and Development team was finally completed in 2010 with the inclusion of Iain Huntley (Rapture, Catabolic) and Petri Mäkipää (Ghoul Patrol).

Work is underway in order to bring Diablerie to its ultimate pinnacle of extremity. The system is now online and the machine is alive....

Industrial influenced extreme metal.

Diablerie is extreme metal band from Finland. Due to their innovative use of electronics, the band has often been referred to as an industrial metal band.