Sam Totman (Guitar [since 1999], founder member, ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Power Quest, ex-Shadow Warriors, ex-Demoniac (NZ)), Gee Anzalone (Drums [since 2014], Kill Ritual), Marc Hudson (Vocals [since 2011]), Vadim Pruzhanov (Keyboard [since 2001], ex-DragonHeart (UK)), Herman Li (Guitar [since 1999], founder member, ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Shadow Warriors, ex-Demoniac (NZ)), Frédéric Leclercq (Bass [since 2005], Maladaptive, ex-Heavenly, ex-Carnival In Coal), Steve Scott (Bass [1999-2000], ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Shadowkeep, ex-Power Quest), Diccon Harper (Bass [2000-2003], ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Voice Of Destruction, ex-Demoniac (NZ)), Peter Hunt (Drums [2000], session member, ex-DragonHeart (UK), ex-Assaulter, ex-Axis Of Evil, ex-Marshall Law, ex-Paindivision, ex-Razor Of Occam, ex-Savage Messiah), Didier Almouzni (Drums [1999-2003], Razor Of Occam, ex-Admortem, ex-Locus, ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Dãm, ex-Locistellar), Matej Setinc (Drums [1999], ex-DragonHeart (UK), Carnaval, ex-Demoniac (NZ), ex-Pinocchio Pinchball), Zachary Paul "ZP" Theart (Vocals [1999-2010], founder member, I Am I, ex-Dragonheart (UK), ex-Power Quest, ex-Shadow Warriors, ex-Easy Voodoo), Christian Wirtl (Drums [2003], live member, ex-Celestial Decay, ex-Soul Source), Steve Williams (Keyboard [1999-2000], ex-DragonHeart (UK)), Adrian Lambert (Bass [2003-2005], Biomechanical, Son Of Science, ex-Intense (UK)), Dave Mackintosh (Drums [2004-2014], ex-Bal Sagoth)




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