Lauri Karivaara (aka Morior) (Guitar, Keyboard [since 1999]), Peter Tokoi (aka Turms) (Bass [since 1999]), Mikko Hakkinen (aka Chimedra) (Vocals [since 1999], Crimfall, Twilight Ophera, ex-Thyestean Feast), Nanda De Bruijn (Keyboard, Violin [2002-2003]), Jussi Raatikainen (aka Raakalainen) (Drums [1999-2003], ex-Elenium, ex-Exsecratus, ex-Thyestean Feast), Reima Kellokoski (aka Repe Misanthrope) (Drums [2007-2008], Impaled Nazarene, ex-Belial, ex-Sargo Fvck, ex-Shadow Cut, ex-Survivors Zero, ex-The Rocking Dildos)

Draugnim was founded in 1999 as a one-man project by Morior and little did he realize the struggle of epic proportions it would become.

Afflicted with countless line-up changes, frustrated demo recordings and other set-backs, the journey was not the easiest one. Through all of this, the core of the band coalesced with three members: Morior, Chimedra and Turms. With their fourth demo “Sworn to Waves”, Draugnim finally seized a record deal from Spikefarm Records and in February of 2008, entered the studio once again with new aspirations; to record their debut album.

In autumn of the same year, the atmospheric opus of pagan metal “Northwind’s Ire” brought to life the stories of an old heathen past, majestic melodies counterbalanced by raw gloomy expression. To support the release of their debut album, Draugnim performed several carefully chosen live gigs supporting the likes of Primordial and Sólstafir in addition to a well received place in the lineup for the Ragnarök Festival in Germany. After a year and a half the band felt they had enough material for their second studio effort.

Summer 2010 saw them once more recording; this time at Seawolf studios with the production expertise of Ville Sorvali. Released in October of 2010, “Horizons Low” represents a darker but more dynamic Draugnim.

They reach further into the depths of the human condition; a withering path riven with despair, loss and betrayal. .