Rob Love Magnusson (Guitar ex-Zan Clan), Mike Lavér (Guitar), Nils Molin (Vocals), George Egg (Drums), John Berg (Guitar), Joel Fox Apelgren (Bass)

Formed in Stockholm in early 2008, Dynazty has been a vital force to be reckoned with on the hardrock/heavy metal scene ever since. Releasing four studio albums in a mere six years window, the Swedes quickly grew a reputation for being ferociously ambitious and productive. The follow up to Dynaztys debut album "Bring The Thunder", humbly titled "Knock You Down", at its release in 2011 saw the band charting at #1 on Swedens Hardrock charts.

Third album "Sultans Of Sin", released the following year, repeated the feat and even climbed to #8 on the Swedish mainstream charts. After an extensive tour of China, and as an opening act to the fellow Swede's in Sabaton on their Swedish Empire tour, Dynazty in late 2012 slowed down the machinery to work on a new album and lay the foundations for a new future. During this process Dynazty split with both record label Stormvox and founding member and bassist Joel Fox Apelgren.

Resulting in a signing to Spinefarm records and in finding the four-string wizard of Jonathan Olsson to complete the line-up. Written and recorded in the first eight months of 2013, "Renatus", as the fourth outing would be titled, saw a Dynazty resurgent with a new born power not seen before. Released in March of 2014, "Renatus" saw the group fully developing their heavier and more technically proficient influences into what has been described as a "heavy metal bombshell, packed with soaring vocal-melodies and excellent musicianship". Turns out it was just the start of an evolution. “Titanic Mass” sees the Swedes present the next logical step in the never-ending flux that is the sound of Dynazty.

This time choosing to maintain the overall bite and tightness of “Renatus” and taking a courteous nod in the direction of power metal finally, and adding a symphonic element – yes, the arrangements are TITANIC this time – the band has succeeded in making the songs, if possible, yet another notch more addictive than before. From instantly hitting, riff-driven melodic hammers like “Untamer Of Your Soul”, “Roar Of The Underdog” and “The Beast Inside” and the power metal-ish “Free Man’s Anthem” to more pensive stuff like “I Want To Live Forever” and the heart-rending closer “The Smoking Gun” where Molin’s belting truly takes flight, “Titanic Mass” is a non-stop melodic tour de force from one end to another.

Clocking in at 46 minutes, “Titanic Mass” leaves the transfixed listener hungry for more, daring him to right away repress the play button. Dynazty is: Nils Molin: Vocals Love Magnusson: Guitars Mikael Lavér: Guitars Jonathan Olsson: Bass Georg Härnsten Egg: Drums.

Swedish melodic metal at its best!