End Of You

End Of You
Marko Borodavkin (Bass [since 2009]), Joni Borodavkin (Keyboard [since 2003]), Jami Pietilä (Vocals [since 2003], ex-Afterworld), Jani Karppanen (Guitar [since 2003]), Otto Mäkelä (Drums [2009-2010]), Mika Keijonen (Drums [2004-2008]), Timo "Lede" Lehtinen (Bass [2003-2009], Kalmah, ex-Catamenia), Rami Kokko (Drums [2003-2004]), Heikki Sjöblom (Drums [2010-2011])

Remains of the Day “For sure the most pop and danceable but yet crushing stuff we’ve ever done.

Big guitars, disco beats & atmospheres! We’ll do this by ourselves and we’ll make it fucking rock.” End Of You keyboardist/producer Johnny B. wrote that blog entry a few months before starting to record the band’s third full-length album.

Although the group has grown significantly in its six-year existence—from a small band at Semifinal club to a big live monster act and a seasoned performer —there’s a consistency to the group that can’t be measured simply by record or ticket sales. “Remains Of The Day” may not initially sound like the same band that was born in the Helsinki goth/metal scene, but it inhabits the same spirit.

It’s groovy, danceable, yet dark but truly catchy—all characteristics that the band and its fan base have come to expect over the last years. The true foundation of EOU. End Of You - Jani, Johnny, Otto, Make & Jami “We still feel like we’re the same group as the one that did [2006 breakthrough album] “Unreal” back in the days frontman Jami Pietilä stated in an interview just before the album’s completion.

“We could never write that record again, but as far as we’re motivated, we’re doing it the same way as we ever did. And the same emotions lie within the music.

This time it was just a matter of taking some musical responsibility / freedom and producing it by ourselves. The results are overwhelming.” Remarkably, “ROTD” feels both like results of six years of hard work, talent and something that could only be created right now.

It’s same time the most hopeful and yet melancholic piece of music band’s ever made. Musically challenging, personal and universal in every way.

Easily the most divers but compact record and musical entity EOU has ever created. A heaviest pop album on the planet. This is the most hard-hitting album in the band’s career.

That fact is made abundantly clear and loud during the first single, “Star Parade”. A heavy percussive disco drive, filled with dance synths and ridiculously catchy vocal hooks, featured by a sing-along choir at the end of the song, truly sets a pace for the rest of the album. In the end, “Remains Of The Day” is simply the artistic statement End Of You wanted to make in 2010.

End Of You continue to look toward the future and can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store for them. “Lot of hard work and sleepless nights was put into this record but we came out on the other end happier than ever just knowing that we’ve done this together and it was fun. We really love this record and this is just passage in the grand scheme.” Watch out!.