Mike Davis (Bass [Since 2003], ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Lizzy Borden, ex-Angel Rot, Death Dealer), Mike Chlasciak (Guitar [Since 1999], Metal Mike Chlasciak, PainmuseuM, John West, ex-Cans, ex-MVP), Roy "Z." Ramirez (Guitar [Since 2003], Bruce Dickinson, Driver, ex-MVP), Rob Halford (Vocals [Since 1992], Judas Priest, Two, Fight), Bobby Jarzombek (Drums [Since 2000], PainmuseuM, Riot (USA-2), John West, ex-Demons And Wizards, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Juggernaut (USA), ex-Spastic Ink, ex-Happy Kitties), Ray Riendeau (Bass [1992-2002], James LaBrie, Two), Jason Ward (Bass Flotsam and Jetsam), Chad Tarrington (Guitar Forever the Pain), Pete Parada (Drums [1999-2000], Engine (USA), ex-Steel Prophet), Patrick Lachman (Guitar [1999-2002], Dr. Mastermind, ex-Damageplan, ex-Killswitch Engage, ex-Diesel (USA), ex-Eleventh Hour (USA), ex-Gargoyle (USA))



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