Handful Of Hate

Handful Of Hate
Nicholas (Bass), Deimos (Guitar Impherya, Hellwrath, Coram Lethe), Nicola Bianchi (Vocals, Guitar Deviant Pulse), Andrea Bianchi (Drums Deviant Pulse), Enrico Santi (Bass), Geny A. (Guitar Nefertum, Infernal Angels), Gionata Potenti (Drums Ad Hominem, Aptorian Demon, Arcana Coelestia, Antares Predator, Deathrow, In Extremo Spiritu, Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems, Kult (...)), Matteo "Gore" Fantozzi (Bass Nocratai, Deathrow (ITA)), Claudio Alcara (Guitar, Bass Macabre Omen, Frostmoon Eclipse (ITA)), Adriano (Bass Dis.da.in.), Luciano Zella (aka Felix Moon) (Guitar Death SS, Necromass, Steve Sylvester), Ugo (Bass died 1993), Marco Mazzoni (Guitar Necromass)

The band has been created in 1993 by Nicola Bianchi with the aim to create an uncompromising weapon melting together everything’s Extreme in his personal idea of music.

Year by year a strong coherence and firm will gave to this damned creature a respected name being considered the first violent act moving from Italy and one of the most killer acts into the Underground scene..