Holocaust (UK)

Holocaust (UK)
John Mortimer (Vocals, Guitar [since 1977], founder member), Scott Wallace (Drums [since 2012]), Mark McGrath (Bass [since 2012]), Ron Levine (Drums), Bryan Bartley (Bass), Nicky Arkless (Drums), Raymond Marciano (Drums), Iain "Macca" McKenzie (Guitar), Steve Cowan (Drums), Robin Begg (Bass), Paul Collins (Drums), Graham Hall (Bass), Ed Dudley (Guitar), Gary Lettice (Vocals), Graham Cowen (Bass), John McCullim (Guitar), David Rosie (Bass)

Holocaust's first album was released in 1981 on Phoenix Records, The Nightcomers, To this day the album has remained a favorite of the metal genre.

The second album, No Man’s Land came out in 1984 and in total, the band has released nine full albums and several EPs and singles to date. The new Expander EP features 3 brand new songs from the forthcoming Sweet Liberty album, which will be released later in 2013. Holocaust is one of metal's most influential and pioneering bands. The band’s albums have been proven to be very influential on the metal scene and are one of the most covered bands of it’s genre, with the likes of Metallica covering The Small Hours on their Garage Days EP (`87), Garage Days Inc album (`98) and live on the Whiskey In The Jar single (`99). Gamma Ray covered the track Heavy Metal Mania on three occasions: Rebellion In Dreamland CD EP (`95), Alive In 95 CD album (`96) Land Of The Free LP album (`95) and most recently Death Or Glory on their Master of Confusion EP (2013) it will also be on upcoming album Empire Of The Undead, to be released in 2014.

Metal Blade act Six Feet Under also covered the track Death Or Glory on their Warpath album (`97) and The Meat Puppets covered The Small Hours on their Live In Montanna album (`99). These few examples illustrate -- with the subtlety of a brick to the head -- how many different styles of metal Holocaust has impacted. The current line up consists of original and founder member John Mortimer on guitar and vocals, Mark McGrath on bass and Scott Wallace on drums. This has been the line up since 2003 and the band is now based in Scotland Past Former Members John McCullim-Guitars Bryan Bartley-Bass Guitar Ron Levine-Drums/Percussion Steve Cowen-Drums/Percussion Gary Lettice-Vocalist Ed Dudley-Guitars Iain McKenzie-Guitars Graham Hall-Bass Guitar David Rosie-Bass Guitar Graham Cowen-Bass Guitar Paul Collins-Drums/Percussion Raymond Marciano-Drums/Percussion Nicky Arkless-Drums/Percussion.

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