Tommy Shkurin (aka Syrex) (Vocals, Guitar), Anton Brezshnev (aka Cyclone) (Drums), Slay (aka The Hybrid) (Bass), Dmitry Shkurin (aka Xyrohn) (Vocals, Guitar founder member), X-tilArise (Vocals, Guitar), QwereZagMoon (Bass), Saronth (Drums), Mike Sockor (Drums [2009-2010]), Magnum (Bass), Deigorn (Drums), Jegor Tkachenko (aka Nemesis) (Keyboard), Azaronth (Vocals, Bass), Sergey Alexeyev (aka Infinity) (Guitar), Oleg "Razor" Grinenkov (Bass)

Short Pressrelease ILLIDIANCE - Russia's best-known Modern Metal / Cyber Metal act that rocks out catchy, original, and technical alternative metal of the millennium - was formed back in 2005.

From the beginning ILLIDIANCE was acting as melodic death/black metal band but from 2009 moved to modern/cyber metal niche. The raw power and the atmosphere of ILLIDIANCE's music is easily comparable to the likes of Fear Factory, Sybreed, Blood Stain Child, Soilwork.

Discography: 1. EP Synthetic Breed (HDR Records UK, Darkside RU) 2009 2. LP “Damage Theory” (Mazzar Records RU, Right Recordings UK) 2010 3. Single “Neon Rebels” 2012, EP “Deformity” 2013, Single “Shockwave” 2014 – free digital releases 4. Maxi LP “Damage & Deform” 2014 (includes Damage Theory & Deformity) (Wave Master, Bullion/GoWithMe Records JP) – will be released 05.11.2014 5. 2 Official Music Videos : “New Millennium Crushers” 2011, “Boiling Point” 2014. ILLDIANCE achieved the summary sales level of more than 10.000 CD-s, more than 60.000 of downloads, and more than 170.000 of sales of magazine covermounted CD-s including EP, Singles and album special editions of ILLIDIANCE (including such respectable zines as Terrorizer, Devolution, Music Box, CHIP, Dark City) The press has also totally embraced the music and the status of the act. The average review rates of ILLIDIANCE’s releases are not less than 8-9/10, including such respectable zines as Terrorizer, All Acess Magazine, Dark City, Whiplash Mag, 1Rock magazine, HeadBanger, Music Box.

Band photos are represented on the covers of Music Box, Dark City, Rock Oracle, Metalizer, Terroraiser (Bl), Rock Core zines. Actually in 2009-2014 ILLIDIANCE reached the airplays of more than 210 radio stations and channels in a different corners of the world! ILLIDIANCE wheeled all over CIS countries, Eastern EU, Finland with tours (about 250 gigs at all).

ILLIDIANCE toured with such well-known international bands as Rotting Christ, Grave Digger, Thy Disease, Fear Factory, Sonic Syndicate, Deathstars, Hate, Grave, Behemoth, and Crionics. In addition to that ILLIDIANCE have already played twice at one of Europe's best known festivals - Brutal Assault.

ILLIDIANCE have about 54.000 people involved fanbased communities! Especially Myspace (about 35.000 members), Facebook (9500 members), (more than 22.000 members). The volume of band’s fanbased communities is growing day by day! In 2009 ILLIDIANCE became the 1st runner-up of the Nation-wide «Na Vzlyot» contest competing against more than 1000 rock-bands.

In 2011 ILLDIANCE’s song "I Want To Believe" became a semifinalist in international contest “ISC music competition”. In the beginning of 2014 ILLIDIANCE officially became the BOSS & Roland music corporation endorser artist. During the autumn 2015 ILLIDIANCE toured with another modern metal band DEMOTIONAL (SE) and played as tour support band for Russian tour of rapcore gods – LIMP BIZKIT!!! ILLIDIANCE’s working schedule for autumn 2015-winter 2016 contains the recording of tracks to complete the new album.

Also band started the preparation for autumn tours in EU and ASIA, the 10 dates Japanese tour is scheduled for May 2016. .