Sabrina Supan (Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 2007]), Lukas "Luki" Knoebl (Guitar [since 2006]), Christoph Vide (Bass [since 2007]), Katarzyna Nieniewska (Vocals, Flute [since 2007]), Tom Kern (Drums [since 2011]), Lisa Tomantschger (Vocals, Guitar [2008-2011], Everlasting Dawn), David "Dave" Trummer (Drums, Back Vocals [2006-2011]), Joanna Nieniewska (Vocals, Guitar [2011-2012], Aniara, ex-Visions Of Atlantis)

Illuminata, founded in 2006, is a female fronted metal-band from Graz, Austria.

It currently consists of five members: Katarzyna Nieniewska – Vocals Sabrina Supan – Keyboards Thomas Kern – Drums Lukas Knoebl – Guitars Christoph Vide – Bass So far the band has released five CDs, starting with their first Demo EP Lachrymal (2007). In the aftermath of the record and with rapid growth in musical skill, recources and ambition they started working on a full length album. Finally, the first LP From the Chalice of Dreams (2009) established the band’s general direction and what Illuminata has been about ever since: complex keyboards, catchy melodies and a tight Heavy-Metal rhythm section in combination with powerful female vocals.

The band yet released another EP shortly afterwards, called ‘A Frame Of Beauty‘ (2009), featuring three tracks and played some successful concerts, including two appearences on the Metalcamp festival in Slovenia. Being a completely independent production from start to finish and without affiliation to any record label, the music of Illuminata’s first professional release A World So Cold (2011) has been favourably reviewed by major magazines and webzines like Legacy or Stormbringer and was described as a compelling symbiosis of heavy metal and film score. Now, with Illuminata’s newest release Where Stories Unfold, their unique and refined style is even more dominated by a strong presence of orchestral elements. The album is heavily influenced by recent ‘larger than life’ blockbusters movies and combines two of the most powerful genres, Heavy Metal and Film Music.

Finally, the band’s cooperation with the prestigious, 60-piece Czech Film Orchestra and the overall top-notch production culminates in a one of the most vibrant, emotional and innovative releases in the genre to date. Welcome to Hollywood! .

The band Illuminata consists of an unusual array of five musicians that transcends established boundaries of genre. Expressive vocals of a powerful front-woman which are embedded in refined and harmonious score are unique trademarks of their style. The sound of their music is dominated by a strong presence of orchestral elements. Enforced by thundering rhythms the audience is drawn into the tense atmospheres of a blockbuster movie unfolding on stage in a reverie of power, emotion and drama. Illuminata is Symphonic Metal you have never seen and heard before.