Francis Ducharme (Drums [since 2006], Midwar), Alexis Woodbury (Vocals, Guitar [since 2004]), Jean-Christophe Binette (Guitar [since 2010]), Alexandre Paquin (Bass [since 2010]), Patrick Du Tremble (Bass [2008-2009], Midwar, Reanimator (CAN), ex-Icewind), Mathieu Fiset (Keyboard [2005-2008]), Francis Gagne (Bass [2009-2010]), Benoit Messier (Guitar [2008-2010])

Instanzia is a band for which it’s hard to point out a precise date of formation since the band was conceived by Alexis Woodbury alone at the beginning, around 2004.

The project was briefly joined by keyboardist Mathieu Fiset in 2005 who later left the band but helped the band with keyboards for the first album ‘’Ghosts’’. In the end of 2005, drummer Francis Ducharme offered to record the four song demo Alexis had previously written.

Although this demo has never seen the light of day, Francis remained with the band since then and it’s during that period that the band got its name. Through a few failed attempts, the duo evolved as musicians and in 2008, they decided recording an album with Alexis on vocals which ended up being Ghosts.

The first album was recorded by session members apart from Alexis and Francis. They’ve got their first real live line-up in the beginning of 2010 when Jean-Christophe Binette and Francis Gagné joined as guitarist and bassist respectively.

A few shows were played between June and October 2010 before the album was released and before Francis left the band to be quickly replaced by Alexandre Paquin who’s in the band as a fix member. The lineup hasn’t changed since then… Instanzia’s debut album Ghosts got signed to Canadian label Metalodic in mid-2010 to be finally released in november of 2010 to great critical acclaim and power metal fan reaction! Right after the release (and even before) the band was already talking about possible directions for the second album and the first song was written around september of 2010.

More shows were played to nice audiences in 2011 with the first album in hand and the name started being spread around the province of Quebec and worldwide through distribution networks. In the end of 2011 it was made official that Ghosts would have a full Japanese release of Ghosts and an already signed contract for the second album with both Metalodic and Warner Music Japan which really got the band more motivated than ever! As of 2012, the band will soon enter the studio to record its second full-lenght album which will be produced by the band themselves.

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Instanzia is a melodic power metal from Quebec, Canada signed to Metalodic Records currently in the making of their debut album Ghosts' follow up to be titled Spinning Maze.

Second album Spinning Maze in the making. Come to this page regularly for steady updates from the band!


  • Ghosts
    • November 2010
    • Metalodic Records