Benjamin Delbar (Bass [since 2011]), Pierre Ithilien (Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki [since 2005]), Hugo Bailly (Bagpipes [since 2014]), Geoffroy (Bagpipes), Sabrina Gelin (Vielle à roue), Olivier Bogaert (Keyboard [since 2012]), Jerry Winkelmans (Drums [since 2012], ex-Azylya), Charly (Guitar), Tom (Bass), Frans (Keyboard), Fys (Bass), Sébastien (Bass), Thomas Froes (Drums [2011-2012], Blast Year Zero), Fred (Vocals), Mutch (Drums), Thibault Lenclud (Guitar), Dave (Bass), Thony (Guitar), Deha (Vocals)

Ithilien is a Belgian metal band defining itself as FolkCore to underline the combination of traditional Belgian (Folk) music, played with Flemish bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy, a violin and a bouzouki ; and a modern metal genre (Death Metal, MetalCore) influenced by bands such as Parkway Drive, Architects, All Shall Perish, and many more.

Ever since a stable and ideal line-up was formed in 2012, Ithilien has been working hard on its music, live performances and its image in general, making it a concept more than just another folk metal..

Ithilien, FolkCore Metal using traditional instruments such as a Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes, Violin and a Bouzouki.