Christophe (Guitar), Niklas Pietsch (Vocals, Guitar), Frank (Drums), Marcel (Keyboard), Olivier (Bass), Jenni (Vocals)

Releases: - 2007: ...Until The Die Is Cast (full-length, DIY) - 2009: Wine Will Turn To Blood Again (full-length, DIY) - 2011: Bioluminescence (Re-release of 2006+2009, Sonic Attack) - 2012: N.O.A.H.

(full-length, Sonic Attack) - 2012: Open Wounds in Salted Sea (free online single) => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szV3PJYuRVM Euro-Tour with Napalm Death,Euro- Tour with Graveworm (+Agathodaimon, Emergency Gate), Euro-Tour with Gorgoroth (+Belphegor), Poland-Tour with We Set The Sun (+Harasai) Appearance at Summer Breeze 2010. Single Shows Unearth, Sepultura, Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel, Marduk, Vreid, Kampfar, Illdisposed, Necrophobic, Marduk, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Eisregen, Agrypnie, Disillusion, Slechtvalk, Exumer, Nervecell, ... .

With their fourth album GRIMM I & II, which is released on the 26th of June 2015 via newborn label Testimony Records, KadavriK settle a score with pigeonholing. The German band offers a moony and aggressive mixture of Atmospheric Black Death Metal, plunging into lesser-known narratives of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The album will be available on vinyl and CD. Guitarist Niklas about the development and approach of the album: “We’re done making compromises regarding anything, genre categories, or rules. The album has become exactly what we wanted it to be.” A personal liberation on many levels that is also reflected in the lyrical background. “The fact that we chose Grimms’ Fairy Tales as a central theme doesn’t mean you’ll find elves, knights and medieval flutes in our interpretation”, says drummer Frank. Behind the title GRIMM I & II hide two contrastive chapters. While The Armless Maiden portrays the journey of a less popular fairy tale heroine from childhood trauma to emancipation, the second part Thoughts of the Sore finally shreds all romantic allusions. For both parts Berlin artist Talissa Mehringer has created impressive etchings. Her version of the Armless Maiden, who has to ward off an overpowering beast, embellish the cover of the vinyl double gatefold. In the CD-booklet you will find photographs of the Hessian back country in which many narratives of the Brothers Grimm take place. To weave complex scenarios with their music is a tradition for KadavriK just like their Melodic Death Metal-roots. The 2012 album N.O.A.H. designed an escapist dystopia, which the band presented on tour shows with Graveworm and Napalm Death.

Check out our new single "LORDS": http://testimonyrecords.bandcamp.com/track/kadavrik-lords wanna see us? Book us - band@kadavrik.com