Lahannya (Vocals), Lutz Demmier (Bass, Keyboard ex-Umbra Et Imago), Christopher Milden (Guitar), Luca Mazzucconi (Drums Eleventh Hour, X Pus, ex-Arkadia), Belle (Drums)

London-based rock siren LAHANNYA, frontwoman of the band that bears her name, personifies the evolution of today’s musician from record label puppet to self-made, independent entrepreneur… Dystopia is the third full-length album the band releases on her own label, Kabuki: despite the absence of major label backing, Lahannya has been winning over audiences on tours and at festivals across Europe and is a regular on the covers of the European gothic and rock press. Dystopia continues the theme of the previous album, Defiance… Set in a dark futuristic version of Britain, an erstwhile liberal country now transformed into a surveillance society through the politics of fear, tolerance has been replaced with mistrust, and privacy is a privilege of the past.

The underground resistance, whose story began with the 2008 EP Welcome To The Underground and continued on the 2009 album Defiance, has collapsed through treachery and betrayal from within. Now the survivors are left with their lives and ideals shattered to pieces… Although a natural continuation of where Defiance left off, Dystopia is more sinister and aggressive in both sound and lyrics as the storyline takes an even darker turn.

Once again Lahannya defies narrow genre definitions with her explosive cocktail of industrial rock infused with plenty of metal attitude, strong gothic sensibility and a sprinkling of pop appeal. .

Stunning industrial rock with plenty of metal attitude from Anglo-German-Italian foursome LAHANNYA.