Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Tobias Rhodin (Guitar [since 2005], ex-Aftermath), Cecilia Kamf (Vocals [since 2013]), Johan Karlsson (Guitar [2005-2012] [since 2015], Crystal Edge, ex-Aftermath), Jocke Ivarsson (Drums [since 2005], ex-Aftermath, ex-Ivarzzonz), Timo Hautamäki (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2005], ex-Dimension 34, ex-Aftermath, ex-Fucklord Of Doom, ex-Hate Crew, ex-Hautamäkiz, ex-Helvetica, ex-Ivarzzonz, ex-Lindez, ex-The Liches), Henrik Nyman (Bass [2005-2012] [since 2013], ex-Aftermath, ex-Ivarzzonz), Sandra Wallo (Bass), Meliesa McDonell (Vocals Hitman Honey), Erik Lindfors (Guitar), Frida Eurenius (Vocals), Marie Fjällström (Vocals)

Hailing from Sweden, Lapis Lazuli is a female-fronted metal band with a unique and eclectic approach; falling somewhere in between the attitude of Visions of Atlantis and the appeal of Nightwish. Following a few lineup changes, the band set out to achieve their own take on symphonic metal, as showcased on their latest album, Lost.

The album was released on May 31st 2013 and you can head over to the bands official website for a taste. The band starts right from where they left off with their previous album, A Justified Loss, although the addition of a new singer obviously brings something different to the table. The new record unfolds over thirteen songs that portray the band's remarkable cohesion and the focus on the concept behind this album and their music.

Drummer Jocke Ivarsson and bassist Henrik Nyman set out to create a solid and driven rhythm section, while axeman Tobias Rhodin fills the tracks with balanced guitar playing, offering leads and rhythm parts in equal doses: not overplaying, but serving the dynamic range of each song. Keyboardist and male vocalist, Timo Hautamäki, is the main composer (the band started out from his input) and his fascinating melodic patterns create a very distinctive texture.They say that a vocalist is often the most recognisable element within any bands sound, almost like an ID card.

Although the band changed lead vocalist several times throughout their career, new singer and front woman Cecilia Kamf takes on the job with chariama and passion, both on stage and within the recording studio. And she is definitely here to stay! Let the music do the rest of the talking and head over to the bands official website to find out more:

Lapis Lazuli is a Swedish symphonic metal band, often compared to the likes of Nightwish or Visions of Atlantis. For tourdates and music, hit like!