Tomasz "Nefastus" Janiszewski (Drums ex-Belphegor, The Exorial, Disinfect, Beast Of Damnation (GER), Debauchery (GER), Luna Field), Zethos (Guitar), Vethys (Keyboard live member), Aggreash (Vocals, Bass, Keyboard, Programming), Mathar (Drums), Skytorian (Drums), Insorior (Guitar)

In early 2013, Lyfthrasyr will reappear with their long-awaited third studio album.

The songs are new, the trademarks well-tried: electronically influenced post-modern black metal between fury and melody, between aggressiveness and atmosphere, between brutality and insanity. The success story lasting for two albums and many concerts worldwide will soon be exceeded by at least one chapter..

Aggreash - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming Nefastus - Drums Insorior - Live Guitar Zethos - Live Guitar Vethys - Live Keyboards

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