Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation
Brett Hoffmann (Vocals [1986-1993] [1998-2001] [since 2006], Down The Drain, ex-Silent Death), Jason Blaschowicz (Bass [1987] [1991-1997] [2005-2007] [since 2010], Murder 101, Murder Suicide, ex-Divine Empire, ex-Masticator), Gio Geraca (Guitar [since 2009], Evil Amidst, Hateplow, Murder Suicide, Upon Infliction, ex-Crucifeast, ex-Wykked Wytch), Phil Fasciana (Guitar [since 1986], Hateplow), Alex Marquez (Drums [1992-1994], Dethroned, Hypgnostic, Solstice, ex-Demolition Hammer, ex-Resurrection, ex-Wreckage, ex-Antagonized, ex-Cephalic Carnage, ex-Disincarnate), Larry Hawke (Drums [1993], died 24/05/1997 (medical overdose), ex-Hateplow), Dave X (Bass), Greg St. John (Bass ex-Leviathan, ex-Solstice), Derek Roddy (Drums [1996-1997], Serpents Rise, ex-Deboning Method, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Blotted Science, ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Council Of The Fallen, ex-Internecine), Kyle Symons (Vocals [2001-2006], Upon Infliction, ex-Hateplow, ex-Sickness), Rob Barrett (Guitar [1992] [1998-2005], Cannibal Corpse, Drakkara, Eulogy, ex-Solstice, ex-Hateplow), Tony Laureano (Drums [2003], Eulogy, Insidious Disease, Naphobia, Sanctification, ex-Angelcorpse, ex-Acheron, ex-Astaroth, ex-Aurora Borealis, ex-Nidingr, ex-Nile), Justin DiPinto (Drums [2002-2003], Waco Jesus, ex-Evil Divine, ex-Insatanity, ex-Mortal Decay, ex-Pyrexia, ex-Divine Rapture), John Paul Soars (Guitar [1997], ex-Burner, ex-Paingod, ex-Wynjara, ex-Raped Ape, ex-Divine Empire), Jon Rubin (Guitar [1987-1990] [1993-1996] [2005-2008], ex-Monstrosity, ex-Hateplow), Jeff Juszkiewicz (Guitar [1991], Let The Night Roar, ex-Leviathan, ex-Tualatin, ex-Demonaut, ex-Sons Of Tonatiuh), Dave Culross (Drums [1995] [1998-2001] [2003-2004] [2007], Suffocation, ex-Disgorged, ex-Hateplow, ex-Malecoda, ex-Pyrexia), Mark Van Erp (Bass [1987-1990], ex-Cynic, ex-Monstrosity, ex-Solstice), Dennis Kubas (Drums [1986-1987]), Jim Nickles (Guitar [1986-1987], ex-Vile Vindiction, ex-Hellwitch), Joe Schnessel (Drums Hellwitch), Jason Hagan (Guitar), Mark Simpson (Drums [1987-1991]), Lee Harrison (Guitar [1989], Monstrosity, ex-Atheist, ex-Hellwitch), Gus Rios (Drums [2007] [2010-2014], Evil Amidst, Murder Suicide, Upon Infliction, ex-Sickness, ex-Divine Empire, ex-Manntis, ex-Resurrection), Marco Martell (Guitar [2007-2010], Against The Plagues, ex-Divine Empire), Gordon Simms (Bass [1998-2005]), Fabian Aguirre (Drums [2007-2010], Synapticide, ex-Angel Negro (COL), ex-Mistyfate, ex-Exterminance), Scott O'Dell (Bass Down The Drain)

MALEVOLENT CREATION started their career in 1987 in Buffalo, NY, where they recorded and distributed their first demo.

Moving to a more fertile music scene in Florida they produced their second demo with a pressing of 1,000 copies. Finally, a third demo the following year recorded by Scott Burns at Morris Sound which landed MALEVOLENT CREATION a record deal with Roadrunner and the first full-length album titled The Ten Commandments, considered by many to be one of the strongest Death Metal debut albums. The recording process for the following albums, such as Retribution, and Stillborn, were riddled with line-up changes, the beginning of a common occurrence that has since become a MALEVOLENT CREATION trademark.

As mastermind Phil Fasciana sums it up, "If you're too slow, you've got to go". Never allowing the revolving musicians to affect the power and skill of the band in a negative way, the rotation only added mystery and fan interest in the next step of the band’s career.

Continuing to fight their martial battles stronger and stronger with each release, MALEVOLENT CREATION labeled 'The Mike Tyson of Death Metal' never let anyone down with new additions or replacements. The bestial terror from Florida continued to release more albums spewing forth Eternal, Joe Black, In Cold Blood, The Fine Art Of Murder, Envenomed, The Will To Kill, Warkult and Doomsday X, followed by releasing one of their best albums to date Invidious Dominion .