David Gavin (Drums [2007-2010] [since 2012]), Dave Holch (Vocals), Steve Amarantos (Bass [since 2010]), Joe Tiberi (Guitar), Melissa Rosenberg (Vocals session member, Melrose), Anthony Havemann (Bass [2007-2010]), Dan Haas (Bass [2004-2005]), Scott Oloier (Drums [2004-2007]), Vince (Drums [2006]), Dan Anderson (Drums [2010-2011]), Randy (Bass [2006-2007]), Jon Oloier (Bass [2005-2006]), Kirk Pillar (Drums [2004])


Reviews: [2005] - The Assembly of Tyrants is a devastating and soul searching album and fans of the industrial/metal genre should definitely add this album to their arsenal. [2006] -The Assembly of Tyrants is 45 minutes of pure, amazing, atmospheric metal. It does not and cannot get much better. [2007] -A strong showing from a young band that has the power to dominate the masses with a varied sound. [2011] -Delivering maximum enjoyment of any hardened fan of cyber-extremism. With three words - the year begins great! - Metal Katehizis [2011] -This is the kind of music that you associate with the soundtrack of a space war, something very futuristic, rich and bombastic, the music gives a huge amount of pure avant-garde. - [2011] - Conqueror is everything you would want in a futuristic metal album. - Illuminate Promotions Creative producers: Joe Tiberi and David Holch