Adam Swan (Bass), John Browne (Guitar, Bass, Programing ex-Fellsilent), Olly Steele (Guitar ex-Cyclamen), Christopher Barreto (Vocals [since 2013]), Anup Sastry (Drums [since 2015], Intervals), Paul Ortiz (Guitar live member, Blessed Inertia, Chimp Spanner), Matt Rose (Vocals), Mike Malyan (Drums The Algorithm), Greg Pope (Vocals), Neema Askari (Vocals ex-Fellsilent)

Apotelesma (formerly known as Monuments) is a doom metal band from the Netherlands.

Formed in January 2012, we are a five-headed formation exploring the darker regions of metal, without a fixed style in mind. Our lyrical concepts revolve around nature and esotericism..

Apotelesma is a doom metal band hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands.