Morbid Saint

Morbid Saint
Marco Martell (Guitar [since 2015], ex-Against The Plagues, ex-Malevolent Creation), Jay Visser (Guitar [1982-1994] [since 2010]), Bob Zabel (Bass [since 2010]), Randy Wall (Drums [since 2010]), Pat Lind (Vocals [1988-1994] [since 2010]), Gary Beimel (Bass [1990-1994]), Mike Chappa (Bass [1982-1987]), Tony Paletti (Bass [1987-1990], ex-Born Under Sirius), Jim Fergades (Guitar [1982-1994] [2010]), Lance Wolf (Drums [1984]), Bob Sinjakovic (Vocals [1987-1988]), Kevin Koski (Guitar [2011-2013]), Lee Reynolds (Drums [1984-1994])

MORBID SAINT is an American thrash metal band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

After an extended hiatus, Morbid Saint is back to remind old fans of the hardcore, extreme thrash that made them classic and introduce new fans to what they've been missing all these years. After the release of their first full length album, Spectrum of Death, Morbid Saint's second unfinished album, Destruction System, leaked to fans yet was never released. MORBID SAINT disbanded shortly after and gradually, both Spectrum of Death and Destruction System started gaining the underground attention they had always deserved.

Thanks to the internet and social media, their albums are now known worldwide and hailed as classic treasures of thrash metal at its finest. Morbid Saint was resurrected in 2010 and now consists of Jay Visser - Guitar, Bob Zabel - Bass, Cliff Wagner - Vocals, Russell Gesch - Guitar, DJ Bagemehl - Drums.