Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup
Chris Milnes (Vocals), Dan Nastasi (Guitar), John Milnes (Drums), Dave Neabore (Bass), Kevin Powers (Drums, Back Vocals, Keyboard), Marc DeBacker (Bass), Seam Kilkenny (Guitar), Scott LePage (Bass), Glenn Cummings (Guitar), Christopher "Junior" LaPlante (Bass), Eric VanSteenbergh (aka EVS) (Guitar), Splatter (Guitar), Joe Mama (Bass), Terry (Guitar), Jack "Hinge" Pitzer (Guitar), Bill Bergmann (Bass)

Mucky Pup began as an American band formed in Bergenfield, New Jersey in 1985, when brothers John (drums) and Chris (vocals) Milnes joined up with Dan Nastasi (guitar) and former Hades member, Scott LePage (bass).

The band went through various incarnations and several musical style changes while gaining minor success in both the USA and Europe. Arguably, their breakthrough moment occurred when Berke Breathed picked their songwriting contest entry for release with a 1987 Bloom County comic strip compilation.

However, their European success, based on strong tours and charting for the 1989 A Boy in a Man's World album, surpassed all recognition achieved in their home country..