Alan Averill (aka Naihmass Nemtheanga) (Vocals [since 1991], Blood Revolt, Dread Sovereign, Plagued, Twilght Of The Gods, ex-Perdition, ex-Void Of Silence), Ciáran MacUiliam (Guitar [since 1987]), Michael Flynn (aka Micheál O'Floinn) (Guitar [since 2002], ex-Carnun), Simon O'Laoghaire (Drums [1997-2002] [2003-2010] [since 2010], Dread Sovereign, Geasa, ex-Perdition), Pól MacAmlaigh (Bass [since 1987]), Feargal Flannery (Guitar [1987-1997], ex-Arcane Sun, ex-Fifth Dominion), Derek MacAmlaigh (Drums [1987-1997]) primordial since 91 no compromise over 3 decades - year zero was 1987! long and hard is the road to redemption We call to the shadowed kind, To men of myth, etched in stone, Whose songs are heard no more.

We call to the shadowed kind,To men of myth, etched in stone,Whose songs are heard no moreOFFICIAL FB PAGE



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