Scarab (EGY)

Scarab (EGY)
Hatem El-Akkad (Drums ex-Hate Suffocation), Sammy El Sayyed (Vocals), Tarek Amr (Guitar), Al-Sherif Marzeban (Guitar ex-Hate Suffocation), Mohamed El-Sherbini (aka Bombest) (Bass), Mohamed Khalifa (Guitar)

Scarab the Death Metal Sixes from Cairo-Egypt, formed in 2006.

The Name Scarab is influenced by the Egyptian roots of the band. These creatures became iconic in Ancient Egyptian culture and were sacred due to the Scarab’s association with the sun god Raa.

During the doctrine of mummification, the ancient Egyptians use to replace the heart of the dead with a scarab believing that it would help with the rebirth of an afterlife. In that sense, the Scarab portrays the band’s ability to reinvent themselves, survive and rise over the obstacles in their path. The year 2009 had been a major step for "SCARAB" with the recording of the first full- length album entitled “Blinding the Masses” which is a continuation over the previous EP “Valley of The Sandwalkers” (2007).

Also at that same year, Scarab won the “United We Rock” battle and got selected out of many bands from the middle-east and pan-Arab countries. Performing at two acclaimed international music festivals, “With Full Force XVI 2009” in Germany (Performing on the same stage alongside Amon Amarth, Carcass, My Dying Bride, Dimmu Borgir and many other great acts) and “Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009” in UAE (Opening for Motörhead, Opeth, Arch Enemy and Chimaira). In 2012 Scarab got invited to perform at the famous forests of the Acclaimed “Devil-stone Festival (Velnio Akmuo)” in Lithuania (Performing as headliners alongside Alcest, Warbringer, Anathema, Aura Noir and Lake of Tears and many other great acts). Scarab is formed of a combination of different musical tastes and personalities, Standing as a united music entity.

The Fury of our music come out from the fierce. deep, complicated feelings, thoughts and experience.

Scarab expresses all this through new and fresh progressions that match the approach and identity that captures the soul and heart, making it melodically memorable and a journey to a story being told, The lyrical themes are mainly about survival and the struggle of the chaotic human nature; Spirituality, and philosophies inspired by Ancient Egypt and the world's collective mystical wisdom. Scarab recorded the album titled “Serpents of the Nile” in 2014 containing 8 tracks which was released in March 2015 through Vicisolum Productions. Past Members: Mohamed El Sherbiny - Bass (2007 - 2015). Hatem El Akkad - Drums (2006 - 2016). Stephen Moss - Guitar (2015 - 2017). Omar Assem - Bass (Live Session) (2016). Michael Khater - Drums (Live Session) (2016). Seif El Bayoki - Bass (2017)..

Scarab is a mix of old school death metal with some of today's technical grooves while complementing the roots of the band. The Ancient Lands of Kings and Pharaohs an Exotic Atmosphere is created by Scarab to invoke the history of the Pagan Kingdom.