Dan Tompkins (Vocals [2009-2011] [since 2014], Skyharbor, In Colour, White Moth), James Monteitha (Guitar [since 2006]), Amos Williams (Vocals, Bass [since 2006]), Acle Kahney (Guitar [since 2003], ex-Fellsilent), Jay Postones (Drums [since 2006], ex-Heights, ex-Jurojin), Elliot Coleman (Vocals [2011-2012], Of Man Not Of Machine, Zelliack, ex-Of Legends, ex-Sky Eats Airplane), Julien Perier (Vocals [2004-2006]), Abisola Obasanya (Vocals [2006-2009]), Ashe O'Hara (Vocals [2012-2014])



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