Unleash The Archers

Unleash The Archers
Grant Truesdell (Vocals, Guitar), Andrew kingsley (Vocals, Guitar), Scott Buchanan (Drums), Brittney Hayes (Vocals), Kyle Sheppard (Bass), Mike Selman (Guitar), Brayden Dzcykowski (Vocals, Guitar), Zahk Hedstrom (Bass), Brad Kennedy (Bass)

Legend tells of an Immortal, asleep in a mountain keep Whosoever shall awaken, his endless power reap Shackled by a curse at birth, over which he’s no control Forced to serve as hand of evil, lost without a soul The Matriarch, she has him now, firm within her grasp A ritual to cleanse the bloodlines, immortality at last Find her sons and bring them to her, on altars they will bleed Complete the task and as she promised, finally be free.

HomePage: www.unleashthearchers.com Merch Store: http://unleashthearchers.bigcartel.com/ Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/UnleashTheArchers Bandcamp: www.unleashthearchers.bandcamp.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/unleashthearchers Twitter: www.twitter.com/UnleashArchers Myspace: www.myspace.com/unleashthearchers LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Unleash+The+Archers Message Board: http://unleashthearchers.boards.net/ Member Profiles: Brittney Slayes https://www.facebook.com/brittneyslayesUTA Andrew Kingsley https://www.facebook.com/andrewkingsley89/ Grant Truesdell https://www.facebook.com/granttruesdellguitarist/ Nikko Whitworth https://www.facebook.com/nikkowbass/

Canadian Power Metal \m/