Satan (UK) concerts

  • 14 December
    Into Battle Festival vol.2 Into battle fest vol.1 is over, we got some really thrilling reviews from all of you, so here you go muthas! First bands confirmed ! PAGAN ALTAR ( U.K.) Alan and the boys are back in town! Although the miss of Terry Jones is still present, we could not but really embrace the band, that will pay some honour to his memory, and give us the chance to live again some of the glorious moments of the recent past. SATAN ( U.K.) Finally ! It's time for Greece to welcome a real legend of traditional heavy metal ! Satan will perform a high energetic show, with all their classics from a discography that keeps going on, with really HIGH STANDARDS ! IRONSWORD ( Portugal) Southern European barbaric legions march again into battle! Epic Metal brothers return for a triumphant show, in the land where these sounds were appreciated most, back when metal was ........ HALLAS ( Sweden ) Dark? Prog? Heavy? Psych? Rock? Call it how you like it, the thing is that these Swedes really ROCK! AMULET ( U.K.) New kids on the block, heavily into nwobhm, actually into the more underground sense, of darker approach, of music that matters philosophy! MORE BANDS TO BE ANNOUNCED IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS! MORE INFO SOON!
    City Park, Athens, Greece