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"Legacy Of The Beast" Is Tuned

"Legacy Of The Beast" Is Tuned
May 29, 2018

IRON MAIDEN have to do everything and (almost) everything can. In the games sector, however, any attempt of the young women has been very direct in the classic status is collected.
With the Mobile Game "The Legacy Of The Beast" is this going to be different. It is therefore expanded continuously, to elements of the same name still-ongoing world Tour. And as a highlight there is, in addition to Other new Beast-Eddie's!

After the pulse is back down a bit, are allowed to be amazed: cathedrals-Eddie ...

Cathedral Eddie

and his furious colleague:

Fury Eddie

Further Eddies are expected to follow. (Although, of course, notarized is that the last cool 'Ead of 1988 .)

Up the Irons! Homo Ludens ...