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"Repeat" In The Stream

"Repeat" In The Stream
February 27, 2018

Outside of these days the freezing of Frost – there is no other way than to do it on the Couch at home as well as it is comfortable. Eventually, the Winter is back again triple. Until it is, however, so far, there's the appropriately bleak Soundtrack to the bitter cold Season. In the Form of “Repeat” by PETER WOLFF, a gloomy Five-Track electro Album.

The Whole thing with Metal, of course, nothing to do, but the artist of the ambient-heavy numbers mortised: PETER WOLFF, a founding member of DOWNFALL OF GAIA and up to 2016 for the same guitar and MIC, is now in entirely different spheres. Wolff has written the disc, which was strongly influenced by the death of a close friend, in the past year, arranged and self-directed. Mixed and mastered, it was then produced by Timo Neuscheler in the Hamburg-based Chaos Compressor Club Studios.

The plate on Friday, 23. February, via My Proud Mountain appeared, we have for you in the full Stream:

PETER WOLFF – “Repeat” (Full Album Stream):

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