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All The Info For The New Album!

All The Info For The New Album!
February 12, 2018

2014 came from the “Sci-Fi metal” of VYRE, the so far last Studio album “The Initial Frontier Pt.2”. It is therefore high time for new Material. This is now formula under the name “world” via Supreme Chaos Records on may 20. April 2018 see the light of day. The following musicians are part of the game:

Android – Drums
Doc Faruk – Keys & Samples
Hedrykk F. Gausenatt – Guitars & Bass
KG Cypher – Vocals
Cyan – Guitars
Priebot – Guitars
Battery Volta – Violin
Nostarion – Cello

And recorded in the world was produced "formula" from the end collectively. The Mix and Mastering Jörg Uken took in the sound Lodge Studio.

The Tracklist and the Cover Artwork has already been published:

1. Everything At The End
2. Shadow Biosphere
3. Life Decoded
4. Tardigrade Empire
5. The Hitch (We Are Not Small)
6. We Are The Endless Black
7. Away Team Alpha

Vyre – World Formula, (Cover Artwork)