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All Tour Dates And Info For 2019

All Tour Dates And Info For 2019
November 02, 2018

In the meantime, the complete list of the tour has been published data for Rammstein's stadium concerts. The Tour takes the Band across Europe and 9x to Germany, 1x Switzerland, 1x Austria. But maybe someone wants to combine the concert with a holiday:

27.05.2019 Germany – Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
28.05.2019 Germany – Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
01.06.2019 Spain – Barcelona, RCDE stadium
05.06.2019 Switzerland – Bern, Stade de Suisse
08.06.2019 Germany – Munich, Olympic Stadium
12.06.2019 Germany – Dresden, Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion
13.06.2019 Germany – Dresden, Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion
16.06.2019 Germany – Rostock, Baltic Sea Stadium
19.06.2019 Denmark – Copenhagen, Telia Parking
22.06.2019 Germany – Berlin, Olympic Stadium
25.06.2019 Netherlands – Rotterdam, De Kuip
28.06.2019 France – Paris, Paris La Défense Arena
02.07.2019 Germany – Hannover, HDI Arena
06.07.2019 UK – Milton Keynes, Stadium MK
10.07.2019 Belgium – Brussels, Stade Roi Baudouin
13.07.2019 Germany – Frankfurt am Main, Commerzbank-Arena
16.07.2019 The Czech Republic – Prague, Convenient To Stadion Eden
17.07.2019 The Czech Republic – Prague, Convenient To Stadion Eden
20.07.2019 Luxembourg – Luxembourg, Roeser Festival Grounds
24.07.2019 Poland – Chorzów, Stadion Śląski
29.07.2019 Russia – Moscow, VTB Arena – Central Dynamo Stadium
02.08.2019 Russia – Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg Stage
06.08.2019 Latvia – Riga, Lucavsala
10.08.2019 Finland – Tampere, Ratina Stadium
14.08.2019 Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm Stadium
18.08.2019 Norway – Oslo, Ullevaal Stadion
22.08.2019 Austria – Vienna, Ernst-Happel-Stadion

Tickets will be available from Thursday, 08.11.2018, 10 am local time of the concert, exclusively through Eventim and the following rules apply:

RAMMSTEIN fan club members may order from Monday to Wednesday, 10 PM Tickets. A member of the Fanclub you can against an annual fee of 25€ at any time on the RAMMSTEIN Homepage . The Tickets are personalized and entitle only the Person whose Name is on the Ticket, for admission. Per Person a maximum of six Tickets per Show can be purchased. Any transfer of Tickets is prohibited. In the case of illness, etc. Tickets at Eventim in the Fansale is returned.

The new Album is already in the spring of 2019 to appear, and would be after ten years, the successor of the "love is for everyone."

Now one question still remains: how Many organs you have to sell to afford the Tickets?