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Announce "Farewell Tour" And The Withdrawal Of Two Members

Announce "Farewell Tour" And The Withdrawal Of Two Members
September 28, 2018

From the mouse: How MACHINE HEAD-head Robb Flynn announced, guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain left the Band after the upcoming US tour.

Robb Flynn speaks self-critically on Facebook

Robb Flynn on Friday in a nearly ten-minute - Facebook-Live Video (see below), that the two musicians after 15 or 22 years out of the Band to get off. Flynn himself speaks of a "Farewell Tour", which is a "Celebration of our music and this Era of the Band".

The reasons for the exit locates, he is also quite at himself: "We have a human living apart. We have lived musically apart. I got the reins of this Band to be tightly held and I have the boys so smothered.“

The band's founder continues: "I've got some corners and edges. I'm a harassing kind of guy. And these corners and edges have made us the success that we have, but you also have the people around me hurt.

"I have a big drive, but I also have a lot of anger and Aggression. And this drive me from the band members alienated.

"The end of an Era."

In the further course of the Flynn brings his understanding and his gratitude to Demmel and McClain. "It is the end of an Era. Yesterday I cried a lot, and I feel like I've been a Truck run over.

Although MACHINE HEAD lists of the already scheduled U.S. Tour as a "Farewell Tour", it seems Flynn to the word "resolution" is not so right in the mouth. He does not know what the future will bring, but the end is now "perhaps the best Era" with the "best Line up" at all.

Europe or even Germany-dates are not currently listed.

The whole Facebook-Live-Video to Check:

Dave McClain plays since 1996 in the case of MACHINE HEAD, and since the second album "The More Things Change..." to listen to all albums of the group. Phil Demmel joined in 2002 for the Band, first as a Live-in assistant, and a year later as a permanent band member. Since 2013 MACHINE HEAD part ways with long time Bassist Adam Duce. At that time, the Band had set their founding member after 22 years in front of the door.