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Appetite Deliver Bite Out Of "Marrow"

Appetite Deliver Bite Out Of "Marrow"
August 03, 2018

MADDER MORTEM have with their last two Full-Length albums,"Eight Ways" and "Red In Tooth And Claw" powerful cleared with us. The Norwegians understand it is easy to meet with your modernized sound mixture of Doom, Alternative and Art/Progressive Rock full in the emotional Black.

After a line-up change, the Band pushes to the exception of the singer Kirkevaag afterwards Agnete now new Material. MADDER MORTEM have christened their upcoming Album, "Marrow", the 21. September will be released via Dark Essence Records.

A first listening impression:


Track list:

1. Untethered
2. Liberator
3. Moonlight Over Silver White
4. Until You Return
5. My Will Be Done
6. Far From Home
7. Marrow
8. White Snow, Red Shadows
9. Stumble On
10. Waiting to fall
11. Tethered