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Are Out Of Balance

Are Out Of Balance
October 30, 2018

The holy METAL CHURCH post Blast on 07.12.2018 "Damned If You Do" about Nuclear. It the is 12. Studio album by the gentlemen to Kurdt Vanderhoof. Again on the micro, the Seattlern to the deceptively-titled "XI" needless to say, once again, returnees Mike Howe.
We go reverently on their knees, with tears of worship? The municipality may make a by the Cover:

METAL CHURCH – "Damned If You Do" (2018)

Furthermore, there is the order of the recited Psalms. This is the Tracklist of "Damned If You Do":

Damned If You Do The Black Things By The Numbers Revolution Underway Guillotine Red Is Away Into The Fold Monkey Finger Out Of Balance The Was Electric

And most importantly, there is now a second excerpt to listen to in advance. It was said years ago is still sovereign "is Hanging In The Balance", so it looks different now. So Out Of Balance sounds "":

The title track was already previously: