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Band Head Demonaz Released A Long Statement

Band Head Demonaz Released A Long Statement
June 12, 2018

On 6. July 2018, the Norwegian Black Metal veterans IMMORTAL, will release their new Album "Northern Chaos Gods" – the first Album of the Band after nine years of abstinence. (metal.de reported.) Now has expressed Demonaz, head of the Band, and after ABBATHs departure of vocalist, guitarist and Songwriter, and further Details and information about "Northern Chaos Gods", and his Inspiration. Here's the Statement in full length:

Demonaz of IMMORTAL about "Northern Chaos Gods":

"Since always, I was fascinated by the dark side of the music, like the early Black Sabbath. Then Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Underground Black and Death Metal Bands developed slowly. After I had played in my first Death/Thrash Metal project, sung and guitar, I wanted to reasons, in 1990 the ultimate Band. I had the name IMMORTAL in the head and a big Vision. I met Abbath and we went for it. I never had the impression that we were a part of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, although we have always kept close contact to other Bands.

I adored the first album of CELTIC FROST, VENOM and BATHORY. They were the ones who inspired me to make a dark and icy music. Our first IMMORTAL Vinyl Release was in 1991, a 7", and then our first Album 'Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism followed in 1992'.

The urge to form IMMORTAL, came over me in the middle of the nature that surrounded me. The cold Winter, the dark forests in my area, the mighty mountains and glaciers ... I wanted something Unique to connect to the Text and the music together, so I created Blashyrkh, which means 'The realm of darkness and cold'.

The savagery of nature is a never ending Inspiration for me. The mysterious force that surrounds us and slowly devouring everything. I feel a deep fascination and respect for nature, based on instinct. In addition, my dedication is to the early days of Black metal: Long nights in the woods, to become one with the darkness, to spew fire, to be from the moon and Winter possessed. All of this keeps my spirit alive. I walk every day through the woods in the mountains and be inspired to write Riffs, lyrics and music. Every line, every word and every Song of IMMORTAL sound to me for years in the ears and come from my walks in the deep forests to the icy mountain peaks.

Bands like POSSESSED, SLAYER and MANOWAR have influenced us back then, but the unparalleled Quorthon of BATHORY will always be the true Riff master for me. The very first iconic albums along with 'Under The Sign Of The Black Mark' and 'Blood Fire Death' have influenced me infinitely and still do it, and also lyrically, I was very inspired.

In 1997, I got a Tendinitis in the left Arm. I couldn't live, but then stopped never to play or to compose. By a Armoperation anno 2015 it went me better and then I was finally able to go back into the Studio, again the guitars for the new IMMORTAL-record the Album and finally my own lyrics to sing.

Never would I give up my original Vision, and for always, I will bring our Fans in the frozen Kingdom of Blashyrkh, and our grim, cold, dark, and timeless music to deliver nothing could change that ever.“

[Format adjustments and corrections by the editors – note. d. Red.]

"Northern Chaos Gods" is the ninth Studio album from IMMORTAL, and the first not to listen to the Demonaz' Co-founder Abbath. It is the follow-on work to the 2009 Album "All Shall fall". The Album is available as digital, CD and 12"Vinyl LP will be available. It is in all the usual places will be available, among other things, in the online shop of Nuclear Blast, the Label of the Band.

More info to IMMORTAL, and "Northern Chaos Gods": Tracklist: Northern Chaos Gods Into Battle Ride Gates To Blashyrkh Grim And Dark Called To Ice Where Mountains Rise Blacker Of Worlds Mighty Raven Dark The Line-up in 2018: Demonaz – Vocals, Guitar Horgh – Drums Peter Tägtgren – Session Bass Cover Artwork: