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Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past
April 11, 2018

There are albums that you can't write a review. For everything else there is metal.de.

For the reader it may have emerged: We are also on old music. Damn old music. Although our now frighteningly large site already since 1996, on-the-go, but at least should also, and just prior to the time of METALLICA with their “Load” hurled, a couple of damn great musical works were created to be.

We have paid particular attention in the last decade in the Form of numerous Specials discography-Checks – or, as recently in the case of Metallica's and IRON maiden's classic Reviews. Accordingly, unanimously, the decision was made in the editorial, the latter should go to series. Said and done.

With great pride we present you our new Review section: BLAST FROM THE PAST.

Again and again on Wednesdays ...

From now on, every Wednesday, is finely dissected and freshly pureed: a classic Review of an Album that has changed the lives of individual editors, or parts of the editorial in a sustainable way. Relentlessly, mercilessly – you are guaranteed to from BLACK SABBATH to LIMP BIZKIT.

It starts already today. And with JUDAS PRIEST! Michael Klaas directly to kick off an Album before, in terms of public perception now and again something comes up short: “Sad Wings Of Destiny“.