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Can't Wait For The First "the Curse Of The Dragon"

Can't Wait For The First "the Curse Of The Dragon"
November 28, 2017
Sample of fun and fright

Only about 10 days and then the Live-Premiere of the world's first Fantastical “The curse of the dragon” in the theatre rises on the Aegi in Hannover, Germany. The preparations and rehearsals are currently in full swing, is expected to each and every one to be clear. A small insight into how the same run, the kings of the game people recently on your Facebook Account and published. Accordingly, all parties Involved clearly have a lot of fun, and with the current very satisfied. Also, that both in JOHN PLUG-in that will also interact Live as the narrator of the Fantastical, as well as for CASTUS, in his capacity of head of the “Raven gang” and the Fantastical in the role of a 1000 year old king, now the lamp fever increase, should be a good sign.

Details of the “curse of the dragon”

When the tour entourage to the “curse of the dragon” on Thursday, sets in motion, by the side of the people of CORVUS CORAX, and JOHN PLUG-in, the voice behind the Fantastical, of course, some of the guest voices in the audiobook. In the performance, which comes for a break, to a total of around 100 minutes of playing time, will be involved also:

The former singer of the middle ages combo FAUN will also be hatching Live in the role of Princess Marlies.

The studied singers with Musical experience (including lead roles in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Abba fever”) takes on the role of the fearless blacksmith Adamas.

The native Potsdamerin, which also has some experience as a soloist, Lead and background singer, plays the beautiful warrior daughter, Leandra.

The former lead singer of KRYPTERIA and present power woman AND THEN SHE CAME is to give everything to the witch Runa miss on the stage, a mysterious and mystical Aura.

New castle spectacle and postponement

In addition to the samples of the “curse of the dragon” run, of course, the plans for the Live Shows continue to be in full swing. It is no easy feat to bring such a large Event as the world's first Fantastical with all sorts of different actors on the stage, all of those Involved from the outset. Also, that it is something completely different than “only” as a Band across the country to tours. And despite sorgsamster preparations, it can happen that short-term Changes arrive. The Band announced last night that the Show in Leipzig “can't be implemented for Planning purposes” and, therefore, on the 29. March 2018 must be moved. A day before the official Easter is the worst appointment, election celebrations, certainly.

In addition to this, at least for parts of the Fans – a rather angry message, the Team behind the “curse of the dragon” also good news. So the Live-Event and a trip to our neighbors to Austria. On three consecutive dates, the Fantastical will be available in summer of next year at the Burg Gars. There metal.de you the complete Tour from the “curse of the dragon” presents, you can find all the dates and information again in detail on the appropriate presentation page.