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Carnifex Are Nostalgic

Carnifex Are Nostalgic
June 12, 2018

Attentive followers of the well-maintained Core have noticed it may already be: The Impericon"Never Say die!"-The Tour is in the hot phase of planning and will soon announce not only the data for 2018, but also this year's Line-up. It has taken Scott Lewis of CARNIFEX at the occasion, with us on a little trip to the first "Never Say die!"-To Tour the Band. Ten years ago, which is why the CARNIFEX Setlist at the time, a little looked different than today.

Below there is the content, incidentally, also freely translated and only slightly shortened in English.

"Hi, this is Scott Ian Lewis of CARNIFEX and today we talk about how we, in 2008, for the first Time on the "Never Say die!"- The Tour played. I'll tell you something about the Setlist.

This was the Setlist, which we also on the Tour before the "Never Say die!"-The Tour played. For the most part, the Songs from "The Diseased And The Poisoned" and a couple of "Dead In My Arms", our first two plates. A few of the Songs we still play live, but many of them are virtually remained on the track, as we have done with the new albums.

OK, so the 2008 "Never Say die!"-Setlist go through. The Song with which we started, was "In Coalesce With Filth And Faith", probably one of the most popular Songs on "The Diseased And The Poisoned". We played until two years ago.

The second Song on the Setlist was "My Heart In Atrophy". This is a really old Song, probably of the fifth or sixth Song we've written with a CARNIFEX as a Band. We wrote in 2006, and I believe that we have not played the last five or six years. Since we have dug deep in "Dead In My Arms".

Next on the list of Answers is "In Mourning". That was the only Song on "The Diseased And The Poisoned", for we have shot a Video. Therefore, we played the back then quite often. But he was never quite as popular as some of the other Songs on the Album. Surprisingly, it came to the song without the Video better.

Next on the list to the Slit Wrist Savior "is". I think any CARNIFEX Fan knows this Song. That was one of the first Songs that we have as a CARNIFEX wrote. He was sold on the first EP that we released on Myspace and at Shows. We play him to this day. On the last Tour we haven't played him, but on the couple of tours before that.

"The Diseased And The Poisoned", came next. The title track to the Album, we were in the year on Tour. We've played three, four years ago. I find, skin, love purely, and the die-hard Fans of him still.

Then we stopped with "Lie To My Face". What should we stop? The Song everybody knows, of course. That was many, many years of the last Song. Until Recently, because we wanted to bring a bit of variety. Last we left off with our SLAYER-Cover.

And that was the Setlist for our 2008. We were the first Band and have played 25 minutes. We are all out in the open, have organised a demolition and are gone. I hope you enjoyed the review!“