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Concert Poster Surfaced

Concert Poster Surfaced
May 08, 2018

We live, as we know, in a decade, in the many great Bands to hang your guitars on the nail. After BLACK SABBATH, MANOWAR, and MOTLEY CRUE also SLAYER have announced their farewell. And like the first two, also wants to make the American Thrash-Metal-legend of a Germany-trip. To this appeared first, unconfirmed information.

The Thüringer Allgemeine reported on the Morning of today, Tuesday, in Erfurt-Bindersleben is already a poster is established, which is based on upcoming concerts information. Opening acts LAMB OF GOD, ANTHRAX and OBITUARY. The dates would be as follows:

14.11. Dortmund
24.11. Freiburg
26.11. Hamburg
29.11. Munich
30.11. Erfurt
02.12. Berlin

In January had a SLAYER of your farewell tour, announced. This is next Thursday, the 10. May, with a concert in San Diego start. The Line-Up is almost identical, except that instead of OBITUARY there, BEHEMOTH and TESTAMENT for the Quartet. This Tour goes until the end of August, interrupted by a month-long break. The first Europe concert of this Tour will be at the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik , where the thrashers in addition to BONNIE TYLER and GUCCI MANE to occur.