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Death Message On Bandcamp

Death Message On Bandcamp
July 26, 2018

The Bavarian Black metallers STREAMS OF BLOOD have a new Song called "Death Notice", the you you on Bandcamp to "Name Your Price"terms to listen and download.

STREAMS OF BLOOD – "Death Notice" (new Song 2018):

After last year, the former live guitarist Wudur died of cancer and given the title, is the assumption that the Song is related to the incident. metal.de has interviewed the singer, guitarist and band chief of Thymos:

"Yes, there is a connection. The Song was in front of the Text ready. I wrote down my personal impressions on this matter in the Lyrics.“

Concrete Thumos don't want to be.

STREAMS OF BLOOD have so far, the three albums "The Descent To The Source Of Disorder" (2011), "Ultimate Destination" (2013) and "Omnipresent" (2017). The EP "anti-life" (2009) and the "Infernal Lamentations" - Split with CHANT OF BLASPHEMY (2014). To say the future plans of the Band Thumos:

"We have taken the beginning of January, a Compilation album in the Studio. 12 Songs, including this New one ("Death Notice"), we have the short in front of the Studio-written to stay with the last sample, together all. We found it so good that we said, we need to take. The Compilation contains old Songs from all of their releases again, re-recorded, as we present you live today.

The meaning behind it is the following that many of the Songs based only on a guitar (especially on "The Descent To The Source Of Disorder") and I wanted to record them in a new outfit with two guitars. Also the Basslines are improved and better arranged. The Compilation will probably be released by a US Label the end of the year as limited edition Vinyl. In addition, we provide this to our listeners from the time for free on Bandcamp.“