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Denounce The President

Denounce The President
May 27, 2018

With their last record are OTEP with us rather lost. For a concept album by the Band lacked to this point, and the fine feeling. This does not mean, of course, that the Californians to front-woman Otep Shamaya let it get to you. This year the Band will release their new Album “cult 45”, via Napalm Records. More precisely, the on 27. July happen. And there is an Agenda behind it, like a red thread through the plate.

It is a political Album, the Band will take to the officiating President of the United States, and to paraphrase pre-single “To The Gallows”, to the gallows. The Single sounds as follows:

OTEP – cult 45

Track list:

Hail To The Thief Stop Right Molotov Said The Snake Undefeated Trigger Warning Cross Contamination Shelter-In-Place Boss 10 - To The Gallows Sirens Calling Invisible People Be Brave Wake Up (Cover of Rage Against the Machine) Feral Oracle (Bonus Track) The Tribe Speaks (Bonus Track)


2002: Sevas Tra 2004: House of Secrets 2007: The Ascension 2009: Smash the Control Machine 2011: Atavist 2012: Sounds Like Armageddon 2013: Hydra 2016: Generation Of Doom